19th Mar 2021, 1:13 PM
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Oh mother, how I wish I could've bought the utter
bullshit you tried to sell me. I wish I could be like my
baby sister and use my religious craziness to justify all
the evil in the world. How I wish you would have
succeeded in brainwashing me and turned me into a
subservient zombie. I am cursed by my intellect.
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Author Notes:

19th Mar 2021, 5:18 PM
Recall how I said that the Spanish version of the previous page was my favorite page in all of SOUP Wars? Today's English translation is one of the worst ones I did in the entire book. So much meaning was completely obliterated from it. I probably feel this way because the Spanish version was so good. Here's my translation do-over below:

"Motherfucking mother I fucked, why couldn't I buy the shit you sold me? I'd give up all I own to be a fanatic like my little sis. I wish I could justify every evil. My intellect is a curse that robs me of the peace a nice brainwashing gives."